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Gabrielle Rosenstein 3D Art and Fashion Clients: Beyonce, Disney, Nordstrom, Dazed Beauty, SXSW, Hypebae, Elle, Expired Girl, Maroske Peech, Nordstrom, Amalia Consulting, DMAT

Gabrielle Rosenstein, renowned for hyper-stylized depictions of the female form, has seamlessly woven her origins as a 3D artist and illustrator into the realm of design with her eponymous label. GR's accessories occupy a distinctive space, straddling artistic expression and contemporary ornamentation. The brand offers a unique opportunity to engage with wearables as collectibles, manifesting hidden strength within the unassuming cuteness of her characters through the use of industrial materials, embodying the multifaceted essence of sci-femme energy.

Having forged successful collaborations with notable brands and influential figures across the entertainment and fashion ether, Gabrielle infuses her creations with a genuine uniqueness. Through her utilization of a multi-layered design process, her works capture an authentic and contemporary essence of the present moment. Gabrielle's dedication to sustainability, coupled with visionary digital world-building, offers impactful prospects for collaborations that revolutionize branding, storytelling, and immersive experiences.


“Empath x Gabrielle Rosenstein: Feminine Spectrum” Metal Magazine. 2024. Web. 

“A Pearl-Tinted World With Gabrielle Rosenstein x Empath's New Collection” Hypebae. 2024. Web. 

“#HelloWorld: Gabrielle Rosenstein”
Instagram. 2023. Web. 

“Exclusive Interview with Gabrielle Rosenstein” G.URL Magazine, Issue 02. 2023. Print/Web. 

“Gabrielle Rosenstein Queering the Digiverse” Metal Magazine. 2023. Web. 

“Out favorite fashion NFT and Web3 Projects of March 2023” Hypebae. 2023. Web. 

“Gabrielle Rosenstein Turns Characters 3D” Culted. 2023. Web. 

“Gabrielle Rosenstein The Charm of 3D Sci-femme" Vanity Teen. 2023. Web. 

Pauli the PSM "Milkyway - Official Visualizer" 3D Animation. 2024. Spotify and Youtube.

GUNNA "Live Performance" 3D Animation/ VFX. 2023. Stage Visuals.

Disney "Disney Create 100" 3D Logo/Animation. 2023. Web.

RX Studio. "Meet RX Studio" 3D Art/Animation. 2023. Web.

Afropunk x Idoru. "Self Expression In The Digital World" Art Direction. 2023. Web.

Vogue Business x Idoru. "In the Metaverse, Fashion Still Craves Realism" Art Direction. 2022. Web.

Idoru. "Interview Series ft. Pauli Lovejoy, River McCall, Myst Milano" Video Graphics & Editing. 2022. Web. 

Dydoshop x Idoru. "Featured Products in App" Art Direction & Graphic Design. 2022. Web. 

Topicals x Idoru. "Featured Products in App" Art Direction & Graphic Design. 2022. Web.

The IN Mag. "CHAII Time: Artist Interview with CHAII" Editorial Portrait. 2022. Print.

Shoes53045 x Rico Nasty on The Dematerialised. "Rico Nasty NFT" Character Design & Campaign Graphics. 2021. Web.

Novembre Global. “Best of SS21" Illustration & Animations. 2021.  

Shoes53045 x Nordstrom. "Pastels” Graphic Design & Illustration. 2021. Web.

Expired Girl. "Expired Girl x Gabrielle" Printed Apparel Designs. 2021. Apparel.

Beyoncé "Black is King" Curated by Zerina Akers. Designs by Timothy White & Michaela stark. Fashion Illustration. 2020. Web.

Dazed Beauty. “Dazed Beauty: Your Monthly Beauty Horoscope: January 2020” Digital Illustration. 2020. Web.

Shop Kathleen. “Shop Kathleen: Elf Shirt” Screen Print Design. 2020. Apparel.

GroundZero Clothing. “GroundZero SS20” Printed Apparel Graphic Designs. 2020. Apparel.

LHP Women, Tokyo. “SHOES 53045 INC: Bump'Air” Illustration & Animation. 2020. Window Retail Display.

Maroske Peech. “SS20” Printed Apparel Graphic Designs. 2019. Apparel.

Dover Street Market London.x Tétier “Jewelry FW19/20” Editorial. 2019. Web.

Novembre Magazine. Issue 14. “Kinky Looks.” Editorial. 2019. Print.

Shoes53045 x Club21. “SHOES 53045 INC x Club21” Graphic Design & Illustration. 2020. Web.

Shoes53045 x Net-A-Porter. “Drop 7: Sand” Graphic Design. 2019. Web.

Shoes53045 x GR8. “SHOES 53045 INC: Bump'Air Collection” Illustration & Animation. 2019. Retail Display.

Peach Cocktails. “Bohk Soong Ah Lunch w Gabrielle Rosenstein" Illustration & Graphic Design. 2019. Menu Design.

Shoes53045. “Drop 6: Space Is The Place” Editorial. 2019. Web.

Shoes53045. “Drop 4: Green Giant” Editorial. 2019. Web.

Shoes53045. “Drop 2: Punk's Not Dead” Editorial. 2019. Web.

Shoes53045. “Drop 1: Shoes For The Future” Editorial. 2019. Web.  

Artist Sale. “Shop Shop Shop: The Garage” 2019. Digital Flyer. 

Warmth Gallery. “Opening Reception.” Cake. 2018. Print on Cake. 
Mlaed Fashion. "Mlaed Presents: Sausage Fest." 2018. Digital Invite.  
David Lynch's Opening Reception. "Drinks by PEACH @ Kayne Griffen Corcoran" 2018. Cocktail Menu. 
Gauntlett Cheng. "FW18." Instagram campaign. 2018. Web.

Refigural Magazine: Community Cookbook. “In the Foodcourt.” Editorial. 2018. Print.

Into Thin Hair Zine. Vol 3. “Thick and Thin.” 2018. Print.

SXSW. “Faesthetic Magazine Issue 15” 2018. Print.

Permanent Collection Film Festival. Project Gallery, Toronto. "Rachel Plays the Harp." Film. 2017. Video.

Novembre Magazine. Issue 11. “Spring-Summer 2017.” Editorial. 2017. Print.

Novembre Magazine. “Gucci Spring-Summer 2017.” Animation. p.1-7. 2017. Web. 
Jai & Jai Gallery. “Working Woman." Resolution - The Digital Print. 2016. Print.

7X7. “How The Night Came.” Editorial. 2016. Web.
Chiaki Music. “Bandcamp Collection.” Album Covers. 2015-2016. Albums 1-8. Web.
Sonce Alexander Gallery. “Carla Jay Harris.” Artist Catalogue. Layout & Graphic Design. 2015. Print.
Fashion Catalogue. Lazybones. 2015. Graphic Design. Print.

DIS Magazine. Jean Boîte Éditions. Castets, Simon, and Douglas Coupland. #Artselfie. p.93. 2014.

ISON. Issue 6. “Facade." Editorial. 2014. Web.
Bullett Media. “Prime Time Live.” Fashion|Editorial. 2013. Web.
Stuart, Jan-T. “It Happened To Me.” Children Book. Page Publishing, Inc. 2014. Book.
Americkick. NJ. “Unleash.” Mural. 2011. Commission.

Group Exhibition 
Murmurs | “Holiday Pop Up.” Los Angeles, Ca. 2019.
Heavy Flow | “Art Bazaar.” Long Beach, Ca. 2019.

Warmth Gallery | “Opening Reception.”

Jai & Jai Gallery | “Resolution - The Digital Print.” Los Angeles, Ca. 2016.
Cry Baby Gallery | “Advanced Pain.” Chicago Il. 2015.
Pink Swear | “Walk All Over Me.” Chicago Il. 2015.
Elephant Room | “Community Wall.” Chicago Il. 2015.
18th St | “Western Civ.” Chicago Il. 2015.
Kissy World | “Wallpowders.” Chicago Il. 2015.
Zhou B Art Center | “Sugar.” Chicago Il. 2013.

Archive Interview

“Gabrielle Rosenstein Animates Psychedelic Gucci Editorial.” It's Nice That. 2017. Web. 
“Artist Feature: Gabrielle Rosenstein.” Interview. Ramona Magazine. 2016. Web.

Gabrielle Rosenstein 3D Art and Fashion
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